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I want to explore myths, legends, and folk tales across North America.

I hope this journey will lead to great discoveries and knowledge for all of humankind. We are conditioned from a young age to believe that Columbus discovered America, but he didn’t technically discover America.

It is a psychological term that describes the way our minds handle deductive reasoning.

The Clovis civilization discovered in South Carolina dates from around the end of the ice age about 11,000 years before christ.In fact, he landed in San Salvador, which is not technically America.If you start with the basic idea of his journey, you might ask did he have a map?Many factors influence peoples belief system, hence the tremendous diversity of culture around the world.One shared trait in all culture’s society is we tend to shun people and things that are different or misunderstood.

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If you pick up almost any history book, you will read that he discovered America.

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