Spot internet dating scammer

That sounded legit, so I gave him my private email. Stay in communication on the dating site until you feel you can trust a man with your private email/phone number.

Even better, you should have an email address dedicated to dating, just in case you do get scammed.

That’s the preferable number once you’re ready to share numbers. Who makes a first phone call to a woman after midnight? He wanted to move slowly, and then he ‘pulled his profile to get to know me better’.

Luckily, I got wise to his devious ways pretty quickly.

But there were many others before me who weren’t as lucky. I read his profile, and miracle of miracles, he was a Modern Orthodox Jew, just like me.

We want all our members to be safe at Fusion101 and take special care approving each and every profile on our site and constantly monitor site activity and singles profiles.

Something that anyone using the Internet must be aware of, are romance scams and dating scammers at large - because whilst there are very few cases of scams on fusion101 (it is unfortunately a complete rarity to find free dating sites that are romance scammer free) the fact is, it can happen to dating site - paid or not, since most pay sites allow joining and basic usage of the site for free anyway.

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