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Coaches and Athletic trainers are often asked about the safety and effectiveness of strength training and weight training programs for adolescents.

For the purposes of this article, an adolescent is defined as a young person between puberty and adulthood, generally age 12 or 13 to age 17.

Supervised dance, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, speed and agility, and most specific sports skills are generally considered safe at any age if the child is willing to participate, but most Pediatricians will agree that prepubertal youngsters lack the skeletal maturity to safely participate in strength and weight training.

When your teenager reaches 12-13 years of age and begins to show an interest in strength and weight training or is being encouraged by an Athletic Trainer or Coach, he or she should undergo a medical evaluation before beginning a formal strength-training program.

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While a definitive answer should be explored and discussed with the adolescent’s Pediatrician, generally speaking, strength and weight training programs are effective for improving sports and athletic performance IF properly designed and supervised.

While activity and exercise should be encouraged at any age, specific training for strength with weights should not be encouraged until after puberty once maximal bone length is reached.

This potential hazard can be avoided by using free weights like dumbbells and unloaded barbells which allow for smaller weight increments and resistance.

Free weights also require stabilization and additional balance control that recruits more muscle groups and the core stabilizers.

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