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Once you have everything lowered into place, screw the outlet onto the enclosure, and the face plate onto the enclosure. In the above picture, I have a fairly dirty breadboard.All that I am actually using on the bread board is 5V and GND - ignore all the other parts as they are not doing anything.Using a meter set to continuity, check that the ground pin (the round one) is indeed connected to the green ground wire.

Initially playing with sensors and LCDs, I quickly discovered the limits to what a microcontroller could control. That switch is toggled on or off by energizing a coil. The coil requires a small amount of power (5VDC @ 80m A).Removing CTRL from the 5V rail (called floating because the CTRL line is neither connected to 5V or GND), the relay released. If CTRL is left floating or tied to ground, the outlet is turned off.You can also use a meter in continuity mode to check that the relay is working properly before you connect to 120VAC. If you send current through the coil, a magnetic force is created, which pulls on the steel paddle causing it to move (flip) and touch the copper paddle - as if you flipped a light switch.It is important to note the coil is physically isolated from the paddles.

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