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Although there are some occasions where this is actually impossible to avoid, 3.4 per cent of us object when people eat with their hands.This comes after the UK’s top phobias were revealed.Other bad diet habits which would put people off include if someone drinks alcohol excessively (21 per cent) - no-one wants to go on a date with someone who won’t even remember it - being a fussy eater (19.5 per cent0, and being teetotal (11 per cent).And when you’re about to go on that first, special date to a restaurant, there are some habits you don’t want to find the object your attraction indulges in.Sneakily checking the latest message from your match at work then trying to conceal a huge grin from your colleagues; helplessly laughing together about something which seems bemusingly unfunny to everybody else in the room; spotting your date arriving and watching their face until they spot you.

But one thing many relationships revolve around, whether we mean it to or not, is food.

But we've talked enough - now it's your turn.

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Nearly a third of us (30 per cent) get annoyed by someone who eats really loudly, while almost the same amount of us (29.1 per cent) don’t like it when people talk with their mouths full. Just a quarter of us find it rude, not to mention antisocial.

And while some people might find this romantic, 12 per cent of us dislike it when people take food from their own plate.

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Let’s face it, most of our early dates will involve food (as well as, probably, copious amounts of alcohol), and while we’re willing to forgive almost anything in the heady first days of extreme attraction, it seems there are some deal breakers we aren’t willing to compromise on when it comes to diet and eating habits.

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