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Now we know they belonged to a structure which stood there in Columba’s lifetime.More than that, the dates, and our new understanding of the turning of the site into a monument not long after its use, makes it pretty clear that this was St Columba’s day or writing house.Located on the island of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland, the unprepossessing hut was probably the first administrative hub of the monastic community he founded – and whose monks, over succeeding centuries, went on to establish similar monasteries in mainland Scotland, in north-east England, in Belgium, in France and in Switzerland.

He was convinced that it was Iona’s great founding abbot, Columba’s writing cell. It was felt that the evidence was not strong enough and that the hut probably dated from many centuries after St Columba’s time.It’s thought that Iona’s possible version of that Jerusalem prototype was eventually up to 600 metres long and, by the 9 century, may have started at the island’s Bay of the Martyrs (potentially, the site of a terrible massacre of Iona’s monks, carried out by the Vikings in 806) and ended at the tomb of St Columba (where the current abbey is located).Along the route, pilgrims would have passed through a graveyard of monks (possibly including those monks who were martyred by the Vikings) – and by the side of a chapel dedicated to a particular colleague of St Columba who, according to legend, was buried alive by his more normally saintly abbot!For centuries, local Gaelic folk tradition seems to have held that a natural grass-covered rock outcrop (known as the Tòrr an Aba) was specifically associated with an important abbot.What’s more that rocky knoll fitted a late 7th century account describing the location of St Columba’s hut.

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