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Many years ago I had a secretary who one morning was plainly in a bad mood. I guess it was about five years later that she married, had a child, and did many interesting and productive things. It is better to light one candle than to curse the dark.

Permit me now to say a word to those who have never had the opportunity to be married.You are just as important as any others in the scheme of our Father in Heaven, and under His mercy no blessing to which you otherwise might be entitled will forever be withheld from you. A happy marriage is an ideal much to be sought after and worked for. Some of you wish to serve missions first, and that is commendable.Your numbers include some who are older who have not married and who may not have that opportunity in this life.Murder Made Me Famous is a fact-based crime documentary series that examines killers who gained public notoriety when their crimes generated intense media coverage and made the killers household names.The unnerving psychology behind murder has long been source material for television, books and movies but why do certain killers capture the attention of millions?

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I think of another woman, Clara Barton, born to comfort in Massachusetts, who during the Civil War distributed supplies for the relief of wounded soldiers.

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