The top 10 online dating sites of 2016

2016 has been a pretty bad year, and cybersecurity is not spared from the seeming domino-effect of bad luck.The Identity Theft Resource Center reports that more than 35 million records were stolen in nearly 1,000 breaches this year.The botnet used by attackers consisted of hundreds of thousands of Internet-of-Things devices that included IP and security cameras. disclosed that hackers stole 500 million user information records in 2014.The information included usernames, passwords, full names, phone numbers, dates of birth, and, in some cases payment information.The list includes the biggest ones that happened and reported or disclosed within the year.And we hope that’s just about it, and no new reports would come out as we count down to 2017.The breach involved cards across 19 Indian banks, and account holders were prompted to change their PIN for protection.Panamanian law and corporate services law firm Mossack Fonseca was hit by a data breach that leaked documents, with some dating back to the 1970s.

A DDo S attack aimed at Internet service provider Dyn took out popular sites that Dyn services including Twitter, Spotify, and Reddit.

The rest were blocked at the request of Bangladesh Bank.

Only million of the funds routed through the Philippines have been recovered so far.

The backdoor may be found running on as many as 700 million phones. International banks, including those from the US and China, alerted the NPCI that 3.2 million debit cards in India were being used illegally.

Security experts believe that the breach originated from an ATM malware.

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