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But humour is something that comes naturally and to this team it didn't.

This would have been a whole lot better if less material had been brought to the initial pitch.

After their game was criticised - for being offensive and sexist - Mark was not slow to weigh in with his thoughts in which he failed to back his own product.

Spencer says: Understanding your audience is critical.

"You will have identical twins five days before your 23rd birthday." (Shit.) "The player to your right will secretly reveal the best career to you." (For the love of God, why did you sit next to Joanna? There's one Secret Admirer but multiple girls playing the game? WTF aspect: What's with having to use your "credit card" to make a purchase and then also having to hand over fake cash to a banker?

Each pitch or presentation you give needs to be tailored to that audience.

Understand what they are looking for and, just as importantly, what they're not looking for.

WTF aspect: Fail to complete a truth/dare and you have to wear a red zit sticker. You just have to look for it at the beach, gym, snack shop, movie theater, mall, or amusement park.

Awkward for the girl in the room who actually does have really bad, emotionally scarring acne. Objective: Be the first to buy all six items on your shopping list and make it to the parking lot.

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