Tio cam

Similar to the -E1A4 but with a different turbosupercharger with cast bracket, cast transition and a separate wastegate.

Six-cylinder, turbocharged, fuel-injected, 380 hp (283 k W) engine, dry weight 584 lb (265 kg), Ai Research T-1879 turbosupercharger, certified 21 October 1969.

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Has internal piston cooling oil jets, side mounted accessory drives and a single oil supply from the propeller governor. Six-cylinder, turbocharged, fuel-injected, geared, 450 hp (336 k W) engine, dry weight 706 lb (320 kg), Ai Research T-18A21 turbosupercharger, certified 26 June 1969.

Similar to the -C1A but with a higher power rating and a different turbocharger with provisions for cabin bleed air.

Please re-focus this webcam to the way it was set up before the restoration work on the Post Office building started a few months [email protected] webcam administrators: Greetings from London.

Thank you for pointing this webcam fractionally to the left of the Tio Pepe building.

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