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In many ways, the scene is immediately set for the record that follows: one that that vastly explores themes of struggle and loneliness through a lens of self-effacing humor.

Though perhaps an odd choice for the opening line off most bands’ label debut, this immediate leap into first person narrative is unsurprising in this case.

Part of that instruction is knowing how to control and channel his sexual energy.

We do our own children a disservice when we act like any knowledge of worldly ways will corrupt their tiny souls.

Like an ox that stupidly goes to slaughter, a young man without sense falls victim to the world’s lies. In particularly modern terms, young men need to be instructed about the seductress in their pockets.

Many of the young girls that they can see have no choice over their actions.

Her husband is away on business, he has taken a large amount of money with him meaning that he has quite a bit of business to do and so will certainly not come home early.

She herself has paid all of her current bills and obligations and so is ready and free to party with whatever is left.

We have written about the blue tint issue and potential screen burn-in, but in our review, we felt that these issues aren’t necessarily deal breakers.

We also covered Google’s plan to combat these issues. How are you liking the phone now that it’s in your hands?

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Marissa Paternoster (guitarist/singer of Screaming Females) produced the album, going through sixteen songs Mal had written and paring them down to ten that made the final cut.

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