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Sunny Sundays or fake stomach flu weekdays from 1-4pm, if you’ve got it swollen, slip on Ms. It’s more playful than the rest, more exuberant, more celebratory, and that’s all for the better.If you’ve got a sailboat on you and you’re about to souse your partner’s shores with your jugo de amor, I definitely suggest this one- kind of goes with the nautical vibe somehow in its airiness.Overall, it’s pretty damn relaxing- the album is one of the few that works just as well for afterglow as for the act itself.Best tracks: Destiny, In the Waiting Line, Red Dust, Likufanele Nothing like anyone else on this list, I had to include Jill Scott’s brilliant sophomore effort because there’s nothing better for sunny day, full-on 3pm sexual relations.

This is unlike all the other albums on this list in that it’s full of quiet wonder and mounting epiphanies (not that kind of mounting epiphany).Its no surprise that books, films and songs all follow the same build-up/climax/epilogue pattern as male or female orgasms.The steady climb and steady fall, the vertical leap and precipitous drop: kind of sounds like the difference between Wilson Phillips and Nine Inch Nails. The world is divided into those who swear by sex with soundtracks, and those who are somehow indifferent.Taking it all in one dose might be hazardous to your mental health. Which is a good thing, because the second half of the album is just the right kind of wispy, drawn out, ethereal hum to give your afterglow wings. There’s no way around it: this album conceived a generation. This album drips sex from every husky note, every thrusting beat, every sultry melody.After basically creating this brand of trip hop with her outfit One Dove, Dot set off on her own quest to facilitate the propagation of our species through music. It vacillates between sensitive passages (Teardrop) and straight-up hard fucking (Inertia Creeps).

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Every track must have represented a location, specific positions, specific lighting and a possibility for climax.

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