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Aden Jefferies is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Todd Lasance.

He debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 4 August 2005.

A friend of mine made a really good point about it recently.

Prime time shows tend to be watched by whole families, at home, together in the living room.

Belle was a fan-favourite and a focal point of the show for three and a half years, until the actress decided to quit in 2009 — and the writers decided to kill her off. You could have played a secret identical twin, or come back as a ghost. I mean really, I’m sure they could have just brought me back from the dead if they wanted to. It makes you think, ‘Wow, a lot of people are really connecting to this.’ And that’s another amazing thing, thinking about people crying for your character; the audience is the whole reason TV exists, but you never really think about it.

After a hard battle with drugs and a cancer diagnosis, Belle died dramatically in her husband Aden’s arms soon after their honeymoon. There was that whole outpouring of grief with The Red Wedding earlier this year… For a show so centered around fantasy, they really built up those characters to a point where something like the Red Wedding could bring out that kind of a response.

In 2007, Lasance was asked to return on another guest contract, though was promoted to the regular cast soon after.

Aden is characterised as a "bad boy" who goes on a journey to become one of the "good guys".

However, his main relationship is with Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey); when the actors first heard that their on-screen counterparts would enter a relationship, they both complained to producers.

You’re watching in the comfort of your own home, with people you love all around you, and with you’re watching people your age, doing the stuff that you do – it’s really easy to take that warmth and transfer it to the characters on the screen.

But at the end of the day, death is just really good for ratings!

Lasance and scriptwriters have both pointed out that these events impacted on Aden's life and contribute to his destructive personality.

As Aden begins to trust others again, he gains a close circle of friends including Nicole Franklin (Tessa James), Roman Harris (Conrad Coleby) and Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances).

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