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Integrative systems biology for prediction of donor and recipient cow quality in in vitro embryo production.

Inseminação artificial em tempo fixo: desafios atuais e avanços recentes no incremento da eficiência a campo.

Biologia de sistemas integrada para predição de qualidade de doadoras e receptoras na produção in vitro de embriões em bovinos.

Abstracts must be written in Portuguese, or in English or both according to the detailed instructions below.

The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by Ad Hoc reviewers nominated by the Scientific Committee and Session Editors, and after corrections and final acceptance will be required to be presented in the poster session during the XXXI Annual Meeting of the SBTE.

B) Instructions for preparing the ABSTRACTS: Each study must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines below.

Authors can choose to submit the abstract in Portuguese, in English or both.

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