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“But I don’t think we need to have on a boxing gloves.” While he acknowledged that there are pre, post and mid tribulation theories out there, Rhodes personally believes that the Bible backs the pre-tribulation paradigm — and that many of the events going on currently in the world are intertwined with biblical eschatology.Middle East chaos — which is certainly not unique to contemporary times, but which continues to rage — is a factor that leads Rhodes to conclude that the end times could be approaching.Intense Debate Over the Rapture While numerous scripture references point to an event or moment in which Jesus returns and Christians ascend to heaven, there’s a great deal of debate over the finer details, author and biblical expert Dr. “You’ve got a lot of Christians who have different opinions on a lot of this …and so I think it’s a good thing to come to firm conclusions,” he said.As’s Mary Fairchild notes, there are three main ideas governing how and when the event would unfold: pre-tribulation rapture theory, post-tribulation rapture theory and mid-tribulation rapture theory.Of the three, the pre-tribulation timeline is the most rampantly taught.Christians subscribing to a post-tribulation worldview, however, believe they will remain on Earth during the tribulation period until the end of its seven year time frame.According to this worldview, they will either be protected or removed from the chaos.

The non-believers will be left behind — hence the name of the feature film — to contend with what some theologians say will be a difficult and chaotic tribulation period before the second coming of Jesus Christ, as highlights.

Sultan and Rajah, they are titles used for native royalty.

Depending upon the prestige of the sovereign royal family, the title of Datu could be roughly comparable to sovereign princes or European dukes.

Only a member of this birthright aristocracy (called "maginoo", "nobleza", "maharlika", or "timagua" by various early chroniclers) could become a Datu; members of this elite could hope to become a datu by demonstrating prowess in war and/or exceptional leadership., several datus brought their loyalty-groups, referred to as "barangays" or "dulohan", into compact settlements which allowed greater degrees of cooperation and economic specialization.

In such cases, datus of these barangays would then select the most senior or most respected among them to serve as what scolars call a "paramount leader, or "paramount datu." The titles used by such paramount datu changed from case to case, but some of the most prominent examples were: Sultan in the most Islamized areas of Mindano; Lakan among the Tagalog people; Thimuay among the Subanen people; Rajah in polities which traded extensively with Indonesia and Malaysia; or simply Datu in some areas of Mindanao and the Visayas.

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