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President Clinton's mentor, Professor Carrol Quigley, has been another who has proclaimed the coming of a New World Order.

Indeed he has come right out in the open with details of the plan and how it will be brought into being. So we are bound to conclude that the coming New World Order, just like End Time Bible Prophecy, is very much an open secret.

The New World Order has been a hidden agenda of secret societies.

The overall plan for world "governance" is a work in progress.

A host of prominent and powerful people have been working towards the establishment of this New World Order, and a for a long time.Worrisome matters of peace, security, and national sovereignty are beginning to intrude upon our thoughts, enter our conversations, and threaten our present day happiness.Puzzling events are unfolding all around us, financially, economically, politically, and most importantly, spiritually.People living inside those new borders are beginning to vaguely realize that their national borders are no longer guarded and becoming quite porous. The plan for this North American entity has been in the works for a long time.In spite of nationalistic protests certain boundaries are in many cases just fading away. It was laid out at least as far back as World War 2. Click on it for a larger version so you can read what is written at the bottom of the map. Through the centuries former states have been progressively unified and amalgamated into new and bigger political entities.

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The nations of Western Christendom will have to compromise on their Christian faith to coexist and embrace all the other world religions. They will also have to surrender their Christian national sovereignty, their ethic of "God and country", to someone who they will accept as a ruler over them.

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