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Actually you are not even likely to look at the code at all; it just runs “out of the box”.You get to concentrate on the functionality and design of your website rather than coding web scripts.What good are display pages if you had to scroll to find data?db Qwik Site software generates Search pages that can search through your database to show only the records that meet your visitors search criteria.Of course, you don’t want just anyone updating your database records on your website, so db Qwik Site generates all the scripts that you need to secure your site for different user levels. PHP is one of the most common web scripting languages in use today. When generating ASP your generated scripts connect using ADO and can connect to My SQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle or any database that has an ADO data provider.db Qwik Site does more that generate SQL for these databases, it also includes tools for converting between databases.Ecommerce edition includes extensions in the code generator engine to support common Ecommerce functions.

You do not have to be a web programmer to use this software many web designers and small business owners use db Qwik Site to create data driven websites. db Qwik Site’s code generator is fast, very fast, you can generate hundreds of pages per minute.You can create display pages that source information from your database.There are dynamic pages to show lists, individual records or related details.Using db Qwik Site, you design web pages that can display, search and manage your data.To create any type of page, all you need to do is to select that page type option.

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Some users that have hand coded in the past tell us that they can now do in a day what used to take them a month using manual coding.

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