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This code should replace the previous call to the Now you can schedule your clock in advance without having to update it by hand. We’ll use ten minutes here, but you can use any amount of time you want.All we need to do here is replace the This code takes the current time and adds ten minutes.Let’s say we want the clock to show up on certain days but not others.For example, we might have a series of events coming up and don’t want to manually update the clock each time. Hide the clock by setting its array represents a start date and an end date.The values are converted into milliseconds, so they can be added together and turned into a new deadline.Now we have a clock that counts down ten minutes from when the user arrives.

One solution is to save the clock’s end time in a cookie.

As noted above, it is possible to include times and time zones, but I used plain dates here to keep the code readable.

Finally, when a user loads the page, we need to check if we are within any of the specified time frames. Sometimes it’s necessary to set a countdown for a given amount of time from when the user arrives or starts a specific task.

That means the user can affect a Java Script clock by changing the time on their machine.

In most cases, this won’t matter, but in the case of something super sensitive, it will be necessary to get the time from the server.

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That can be done with a bit of PHP or Ajax, both of which are beyond the scope of this tutorial.

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