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If you have any questions concerning this, let me know in the comments.Java Script dates and times are taken from the user’s computer.That means the user can affect a Java Script clock by changing the time on their machine.

To do this, let’s move the anonymous function that we are passing to To make the clock script more efficient, we’ll want to update only the numbers in the clock instead of rebuilding the entire clock every second.

The values are converted into milliseconds, so they can be added together and turned into a new deadline.

Now we have a clock that counts down ten minutes from when the user arrives.

To rotate your computer screen on a Mac, navigate to Displays in your System Preferences and change the Rotation field in your external Display settings.

Sometimes in life, you’re going to need a Java Script countdown clock for something other than a doomsday device.

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One way to accomplish this is to put each number inside a Now that the clock is updating the numbers instead of rebuilding every second, we have one more thing to do: add leading zeros.

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