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There is a 0 per person, per year participation fee, but the fee is prorated based on four meetings per year.Joining right now gets you access the the TSP for the rest of 2017, nine months, at the low, prorated price of .Please contact Partners Teri Simmons and Jay Solomon with any questions regarding travel to the US and B visa applications. Simmons, who will be providing an in-depth analysis of the fundamentals as well as updates of the significant issues on Cap-Subject H-1B Petitions, in a webcast on February 2, 2016.*This alert only concerns travel on ESTA and the Visa Waiver Program.Other travelers, regardless of nationality*, who have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan after February 2011 may not use the Visa Waiver Program.This is the result of provisions in the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 which was signed into law on December 18, 2015 and is now being implemented.The first two parts of the E1.6 suite for powered hoist systems, E1.6-1 and E1.6-2, were both opened for revision last year, so now all four parts are open for revision to address outdated references, correct errors, include new technologies, and stay coherent as a suite of standards.

ESTA will accept application from last minute and emergency travelers - those VWP travelers that arrive at the airport without an approved ESTA. In most cases, ESTA provides an almost immediate determination of eligibility to travel under the VWP.We expect ESTA authorization will be denied for those who have traveled during the restricted period.A waiver of the ESTA restrictions is available for some who have engaged in “legitimate business travel” to these countries.These restrictions do not apply to other travelers, travelers with visas, U. citizens and Permanent Residents, or travelers otherwise exempt from visa requirements.ESTA applications may be submitted ant any time prior to travel.

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All travelers who are restricted from using the Visa Waiver Program are still eligible to apply for B1/B2 visas. We anticipate that the ESTA application will specifically require information about travel to Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria, and will not be approved for those who have traveled to those countries after February 2011 or who hold dual nationality with any of those countries. consuls, particularly in Europe, if demand for visas increases as a result of the ESTA restrictions.

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