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Note: these graphs are not all to the same vertical scale!The resulting performance is good, but it will depend on both the loading of the link between me and the ISP, and the general load on the ISP's network and the general Internet.Note that the Adafruit GPS Hat uses GPIO 4, physical pin 7, so you would need to change the commands given in this document.Later additions have included remote monitoring of the NTP server performance, and more general monitoring of the Raspberry Pi using the standard SNMP functions, with an additional CPU temperature monitoring add-on. Note that good performance is dependant on the GPS unit having a clear view of the sky, particularly the southern part of the sky if you are in the northern hemisphere.Each second pulse on the GPIO pin causes an interrupt in which the CPU clock is noted, and then used by NTP to make fine adjustments to the software clock speed.The transients of a few microseconds amplitude lasting for about an hour may be due to sudden ambient temperature changes affecting the crystal used by the card's clock generator.I start by describing how to get the Raspberry Pi running with just a LAN connection - no display, keyboard or mouse - a so-called headless operation.

If you have an "RF-proof" roof (lead-lined, perhaps?!

There are some helpful Linux commands scattered throughout this page.

These notes are almost as much for my own records for the next time I need to visit this project, but I hope they may be helpful to others.

(Thanks to Joe, HB9DRT for the information on snow - I've only seen that problem once here during an exceptionally cold winter).

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card size computer, available from distributors across the world.

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