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Dynamo has full access to the Revit API so it’s a good alternative to writing macros or add-ins.

Dynamo is open-source so you can download it for for free.

Now it may be that you want to give two columns the same name (let's say this represented some kind of transformation where the labels before and after were the same), so it means that I needed to allow for an ID (to represent the source and target) and a label in the data As in other projects on this site, the java Script, css and html that does all this is stored as a series of parameter values in a parameter sheet- in this case the sankey Parameters sheet.

This looks like this Most of this you wont need to touch, but you can tweak the style (these are css style definitions) and header parameters to affect the layout and content of the final web page.

Export a schedule The easiest way to get data out of your model is to create a Revit schedule then export it directly to Excel.

You should set this to a directory you have permission to create files in. Click the Revit button then click the “Export” from the list. Two good ones for working with Excel are Ideate BIMLink and Exceler8.Both these options allow you to export data out to Excel and import data.Instead of writing code, you use nodes to graphically construct your program (or graph in Dyno-speak).You link the nodes together in the Dynamo editor to create the structure of your graph.

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I wish I could drag a number down and it would increment at each cell. Basically, I wish schedules worked more like Excel. I figure in a given week, I probably use Excel almost as much as I use Revit.

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