Updating notebook motherboard compaq 1000

The keyboard replacement procedure is relatively simple and you can easily do it yourself at home. In most notebooks you can replace the LCD screen without separating the display panel from the base but not in these machines.

In order to replace LCD screen in these models you will have to remove the keyboard, keyboard cover and display panel..

There are fewer upgrade options for laptops when compared with desktops but the most obvious upgrade is to increase or even max-out the installed RAM.

The procedure for upgrading RAM on this laptop is very straight-forward.

But if you want to replace display hinges, you'll have to remove the display panel first.

To make a custom digital picture frame strip an unused laptop of all its extra components.

For example get rid of the DVD drive, along with the modem, keyboard, trackpad, and other various bits and pieces.

Remove six screws to open up the plastic enclosure exposing the metal box containing the electronics. Here is an approach for a cheap repair of the defective display cable.

Another a row of screws is holding everything together, so once these were removed the printed circuit board came out easily. Voltages on the power supply interface and battery pinout. If you've got a slightly older noteboo, you might be feeling that the performance is somewhat lack-luster compared to more modern laptops.

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Just keep the battery mounted since it may serve as a nice built-in UPS.

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