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Since I have some experience regarding the extraction and replacement of PCI ROM modules, which are part of the mainboard BIOS, I decided to create and to publish step-by-step guides for the different AMI/Award/Phoenix BIOS structures.

Although these detailed instructions are mainly written for users, who want to update the Intel RAID ROM module of their mainboard BIOS, they basically can be used for the extraction and replacement of any other PCI ROM module too.

The BIOS is accessed and configured through the BIOS Setup Utility.

The BIOS Setup Utility is, for all reasonable purposes, the BIOS itself.

That is the reason why users with an AHCI (non-RAID) system will not benefit from an update of the RAID ROM version.

The PCI ROM modules are within the mainboard BIOS file and only visible by opening the BIOS file with a special tool like MMTool or CBROM.

Here are some common things you can do in most BIOS systems: Before updating BIOS, it's important to know what version is currently running on your computer.

Asi I understood for what it's written here "Intel mainboards are equipped with an especially modified BIOS. BIO cannot be opened and modified by any standard BIOS tool.", game is over for me. Asi I understood for what it's written here "Intel mainboards are equipped with an especially modified BIOS. BIO cannot be opened and modified by any standard BIOS tool.", game is over for me. I just have downloaded the latest BIOS for the Intel board DQ35MP and was able to look into it by using Andi's Phoenixtool v2.1.9.

Each PCI ROM module version, which has been delivered from the Controller chip vendor to the mainboard manufacturers, is identical and not dependent on the BIOS structure (AMI/Phoenix/Award) the mainboard manufacturer is using.

As a consequence an extracted PCI ROM file usually can be inserted into each mainboard BIOS, which already contains the same sort of PCI ROM module.

The BIOS contains the Intel MSM RAID ROM v8.9.0.1023.

For the detection of 2 TB sized RAID volumes an Intel RST RAID ROM v10.5 or higher is required. [email protected] PROMAN28: Have you already tried to extract the BIOS file by using the tool Universal Extractor?

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