Updating php on windows

And since PHP is the programming language that forms the backbone of Word Press, this is one tutorial you shouldn’t put off.So let’s get to it – why you need to upgrade, the possible drawbacks, and how to actually upgrade your server to PHP 7.

Since the commands for removing older versions are also going to vary depending on your server type, consult your server’s documentation for the correct commands.

We're spaced out over the globe so we can provide 24/7 support for all your Word Press needs. TRY 24/7 SUPPORT FREE LEARN MORE Once you have tested your Word Press site for compatibility, you can change the version of PHP you’re using via SSH or c Panel.

If this isn’t an option for you, then contact your hosting provider.

You can also check out the post Changing your PHP version for web requests for details on how you can change the version of PHP for web requests by modifying the file.

If you prefer to pick the version of PHP for your server with a few clicks, you can do so by logging into your c Panel account.

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I already talked about how WPI can help you installing PHP on Windows running IIS.

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