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Plus, Ubuntu’s on-screen keyboard is far better than what you get on other distros (although it’s still not as good as Windows 8, let alone i OS or Android).

Plus, you don’t need to get rid of Windows immediately, you can easily dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu If the appeal of OS X is its minimalistic, aesthetic look, then Elementary OS is what you need to switch to.

It’s “inspired” by OS X, much like how Vanilla Ice was “inspired” by Queen’s Under Pressure. Elementary OS is incredibly beautiful, and the developers actually built several apps made specifically to be used with the OS (unlike other Linux distros which package existing software).

The Maya calendar app (which syncs with Google Calendar) is gorgeous enough to rival any calendar you may use, and I badly wish Noise was a more popular music player.

When launched, Windows 10 recorded millions of upgrades which just grew, but with them, so did the bugs and other problems as well.

However, Microsoft responded to all the criticism fairly quickly with updates which resolved the majority of the issues and Threshold 2, something of a service pack, which would hopefully improve Windows 10.

Expecting to do everything in Linux exactly like in Windows is where problems start appearing,....

It faithfully recreates the look of Windows 7, from the new taskbar to the system tray, from the start button to the file explorer.

Vista had most of the same elements as XP—the taskbar, the start menu, the file explorer and more generally remained the same, except for cosmetic upgrades.

Linux has an intimidating image, making it seem like it would be difficult to start using it.

But the switch from Windows and Mac is actually pretty easy, if you can ease yourself into it.

You could safely use Linux Mint if you’re upgrading from Vista, but you might also want to try Kubuntu.

It is based on Ubuntu, one of the most popular distros.

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Linux is often touted as lighter and faster than Windows, and Zorin proves that in spades.

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