Updating ranch home exteriors

These charming facades are a lot more than brick and mortar.Find exterior inspiration and ideas for stunning street views with our roundup of enviable home exteriors.Now, after 40-some years out of trend, the open, one-story style is gaining favor once more.

Many ranch-style homes suffer from the blahs simply because there is no contrast or “pop.” These exteriors typically feature subdued, monochromatic color palettes and basic wood, brick or stucco siding.You can also introduce curves into your landscaping through a winding walkway toward the entrance.Eschew straight edges and 90-degree angles, and lay pavers, bricks or stamped concrete in a more sinuous design.In bunches, these groupings will catch the eye, breaking up the expanse of exterior.Then, layer in taller trees to frame the entrance or garage; evergreens will draw the eye upward and offset the horizontal roofline.

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