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Bangladesher Bonnyaprani (: Wildlife of Bangladesh). Pp vol.-1:xvi 169, vol.-2:xiii 174 & vol.-3: x 136. Tiger used to occur in and around all the forested areas of Bangladesh until the 1950s and in many villages up to the beginning of 20th century (Mitra 1957, Khan 1985, 1987a, 1987b, 1996, Khan and Chowdhury 2003, Khan 2011). tigris(Linnaeus, 1758) subspecies referred to as the Bengal Tiger, is a valid subspecies from the time it was founded by Linnaeusand it has recently been well established by the DNA analysis (Luo et al. According to them the Bengal Tiger probably arrived in the Indian subcontinent approximately 12,000 years ago. Genetic status of these specimens need to be deteremined to find out its purity and future possibility of releasing back to man-made mangrove forests stocked with deer,wild boar and macaque.

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Tigers are generally solitary, with adults maintaining exclusive territories, or home ranges.

Adult female home ranges seldom overlap, whereas male ranges typically overlap from 1–3 females.

In depth study of physiology of the Tiger in the Sundarbans as this is the only popopuation of it that lives in salt water environment andin the mangrove forest. Regular monitoring of the Tiger and prey population densities. About 20 Tigers are in captivity in the zoos and safari parks of Bangladesh.

There is no Tiger known to occur in private custody in the country.

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