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Webroot Desktop Firewall makes firewall configuration easy.After it finishes its installation process, you are presented with a simple and intuitive management panel that has all the major settings you will ever need to use right at your fingertips.In the year 2004, Webroot launched spy sweeper enterprise with an exclusive technology to help IT administrators to deploy antispyware protection to all the PC and laptop devices marked up within the entire network.Only after that antivirus protection suite was introduced by the company along with the launch of Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper in the year 2006.Webroot support phone number is available to help antivirus users getting connected with certified experts working with Webroot Inc to get their queries or issues resolved anytime round the clock.: In the year 2002; Webroot launched its own spyware blocking functionality and virus detector and removal feature named as Webroot Spy sweeper.While its lack of perks such as spyware blocking, virus scanning, and email scanning may deter many people in need of these options from picking it up, it has a definite niche market to work with that contains many people that just need a simple firewall without any frills.Founded by Steven Thomas in the year 1997; Webroot antivirus product was launched with the name Webroot Window washer to deliver quality internet security that suits the requirement of consumers and business purpose.

Finally, Trend Micro launched its first consumer security product named as Webroot Internet security Essentials within United Sates in the year 2008.

Webroot Desktop Firewall is a simple product that is easy to use.

It doesn’t have a lot of the perks that many of the other firewall packages out there have, but it does do what a firewall is meant to do very well.

It performs great for a standalone firewall, but doesn’t have options such as Ad-Blocking, Email Scanning, Virus Scanner Integration, and many others that come with some of the more popular firewall packages.

With the use of sliders to handle much of the configuration process, Webroot Desktop Firewall gets an A on the easy factor.

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As Webroot Desktop Firewall lacks some of the more standard features included in some other firewall software packages, it doesn’t have a whole lot to worry about in the reliability arena.

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