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Having highlighted the fact that the existing schema paradigm can only express constraints among data items in terms of the child and sibling axes, it is natural to consider whether an alternate paradigm might allow a schema author to exploit these additional relationships to define additional types of constraint amongst document elements.

More formally, the nodes and arcs within a graph of data can be traversed to both identify nodes, and then make assertions about the relationships of those nodes to others within the same graph.

For example the following types of constraint are hard, or impossible to express with other schema languages.

Tree patterns are the schema paradigm underpinning Schematron as a validation language.

The later sections in this paper provides an overview of the open source XSLT framework used to implement the Schematron language.

The Schematron conformance language for custom implementation is also introduced.

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The Schematron language is then discussed, covering all major elements in the language with examples of their usage.

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