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It was designed to give professionals an opportunity to discuss current and emerging challenges within the industry and following on from the success of previous years, we compiled an enriched program with practical solutions.At the two-day event you were able to experience demonstrations and presentations relating to the products and services we offer; from stand-alone industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems.Copy: Copy the files from the source to the destination.Extra files on the destination will not be deleted, files of the same names will be overwritten.You should familiarize yourself with any license or use terms of, and the privacy policy and security practices of, the third party resource, which will govern your use of that resource.Critical: The use of SSH (Secure Shell) can potentially harm the hard drive and could result in the drive and the data within it becoming inaccessible or lost.Technical Support is not provided for Router to Router port forward configuration, troubleshooting or verification services.

The Connected Enterprise is smart manufacturing using standardised, secure networks with connected, efficient and safe equipment, and visible real-time information. To keep your competitive edge you focus on innovative and future-proof technology.

Synchronize Mode: Copy the files from the source to the destination.

Extra files on the destination will be deleted, files of the same names will be overwritten by the source. When configuring a Remote Backup, an alternative to manually configuring the Remote Server's IP address is to use My credentials.

We also hosted industry solution sessions for the mining, oil and gas, water wastewater, consumer and automotive industries.

Each session was led by industry specialists and you were free to connect with colleagues, technical specialists and business consultants in a relaxed environment.

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