Validating dropdowns

- New support for Fire Detection and Alarm System Device List.- Fixed sizing issues when using large fonts/high DPI.- Added option to print Insulation Resistance readings with 4 columns.- Added option to copy and paste Address Book contacts.- Added option to copy and paste Inspection Schedules between certificates.

- New support for Emergency Lighting Device List.- Improved signatures system so only the correct signature can be selected from the dropdown and printed.- Added option to import Circuit Details and Test Results from CSV files.

Since they didn't have a way to drive the actual EDI message into the system, they have to use physical files.

- Added Reports Manager option for filtering by Unsatisfactory reports only.- Importing and exporting certificates now includes reminders.- Fixed toolbar icons showing correctly with high DPI.

- New support for Minor Electrical Installation Multiple Works certificate.- Updated Circuits Summary window to show circuits test and not tested.- Fixed using templates with multiple distribution boards.- Improved performance when working with large databases.

- Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Report updated to BS5266 2016.- Fixed Mobile Manager default Organisation, Engineer and Instrument being saved correctly.

I imagine anyone who is using EDI with file data sources immediately understands why this was so exciting for my customers.

Let's go step-by-step through the workflow we put in place to solve this challenge so that you can do it too.

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