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The dimensions of an MAU instrument may also be used to profile the effect of an intervention (ie describe how dimensions of Qo L vary because of the intervention).

MAU instruments measure 'utility' which is an index of the strength of a person's preference for a health state.

The purpose of cost utility is to rank the overall program and not to provide advice to clinicians or program managers about individuals. This could occur if participants in a study completed the AQo L before and after an intervention.

In particular a narrowly focused element instrument may fail to detect psycho social changes which some MAU instruments were designed to measure.This is usually measured on a scale on which zero (0.00) represents death and unity (1.00) is good health.A MAU instrument measures the utility of a health state.(However other factors may be of importance such as fairness.) QALYs are calculated by multiplying life years by an index of utility measured on a 0-1 scale.MAU instruments are designed to measure utility and to facilitate the calculation of QALYs.

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The response numbers for different questions are simply added and the total number rescaled so that the instrument score varies between 0-1 or 0-100. Typically cost utility analysis ranks programs by comparing the dollar cost per QALY obtained in the different programs of interest.

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