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Several other TV appearances such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation led Vandervoort to the role of Clark Kent's Kryptonian cousin "Kara Kent", the woman destined to become Supergirl, on The CW serial drama Smallville.

She was a regular in season seven and appeared in the episode Bloodline episode the eighth season.

The seven “Saw” films grossed more than 0 million worldwide combined.She then returned for another two episodes in the tenth and final season of the series.Following Smallville, Vandervoort shot the sequel to the feature film Into the Blue titled Into the Blue 2: The Reef.What was it like reuniting with your “Haven” wife, Laura Vandervoort? ” And she replied that she was actually on her way to Toronto being offered the role of Elena. So when I got word of that, I just had a good feeling. I just jumped in my car, drove Route 66 — it took me two and a half days to get to Toronto for the Monday and audition a few more times.

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He’s just sort of a man who likes to enjoy himself. We were just talking about different projects that we’d been auditioning for and what we liked and what we didn’t like, and one thing that came up was “Bitten.” At this point, I had had two auditions — one of which was a callback for the role of Clay — but it had been some time since I’d heard from them, so it wasn’t on my mind anymore.

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