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This research provides a practical basis for future study and application of high-throwing, self-compacting concrete confined by steel tube.Self Consolidating Concrete can be defined as a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that has the ability to spread by its own weight while filling the formwork and encasing the reinforcement without any form of mechanical consolidation.The relatively high cost of material used in such concrete continues to hinder its widespread use in various segments of the construction industry, including commercial construction, however the productivity economics take over in achieving favorable performance benefits and works out to be economical in pre-cast industry.The incorporation of powder, including supplementary cementitious materials and filler, can increase the volume of the paste, hence enhancing deformability, and can also increase the cohesiveness of the paste and stability of the concrete.For contrast, a set of common concrete is selected to compare the differences of efficiency.Tests indicated that the 5 groups of self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete can get the requirements of workability and compressive strength, and the structure efficiency can be significantly higher than normal concrete.The revolutionary technology used in Agilia® products allows it to flow cohesively under its own weight.It delivers excellent quality concretes and screeds with superior surface finishes compared to traditional materials – without manual placement or vibration.

Self-consolidating concrete is designed to avoid this problem, and not require compaction, therefore reducing labor, time, and a possible source of technical and quality control issues. Okamura at Ouchi University, Japan, at a time when skilled labor was in limited supply, causing difficulties in concrete-related industries.This kind of air content (unlike that in aerated concrete) is not desired and weakens the concrete if left.However it is laborious and takes time to remove by vibration, and improper or inadequate vibration can lead to undetected problems later.Abstract: In order to get the requirements of workability and basic mechanical properties of self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete, fixed sand and gravel volume method and overall calculation method are used to mix design.Slump flow and L-box tests are used to test the workability of self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete, the strength increasing and the final value are tested by compression tests.

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Plus, Agilia® speeds up pouring work and allows you to create more flexibility in your schedule.

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