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Simply sign up for a Dropbox account and then sign into Dropbox via the window that pops up when you boot the VM.

Once singed in, save all your files to the directory in your home folder and your work will be atomically synced to the cloud.

This is the hypervisor that we will use to run the VM.

All students either majoring in CS or enrolled in a CS class should automatically receive an email at the start of the semester with their account details for the vmware webstore.

The CU CS VM is the simplest way to get a local copy of the CU Standardized Development Environment.

It provides a free, local Linux-based development system similar to what we run in our labs.

Users who's only copy of their data resides on the VM will likelihood not have pleasant experiences.

Thus, please make sure you use one or more of the above methods to keep a second, off-VM copy of your data at all times.

Follow the instructions in this email to complete your registration.Here you can find information on obtaining, installing, using, and troubleshooting the CU CS Virtual Machine.If you would like to setup the VM yourself, scroll down or use the navigation links above to continue.Once VMware has been installed, we need to import the CU CS VM image.To complete this process: The VM runs a variant of Ubuntu 16.04 GNU/Linux called Xubuntu.

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