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"I've been working in this business for 42 years and there's no way you can do that and not be nutty as a fruitcake." According to one of her associates: "It was her way of honouring Randy."She has always been intensely private and gone to extraordinary lengths to keep her relationship with Cydney a secret.Last night, Beverly Stone confirmed to me that her son had asked for the paternity leave to help care for Charlie and Miss Foster in her first days of motherhood.Scroll down for more..."Randy just wanted to be there for her and Charlie," said Rev Stone, who now lives in Hawaii.Last night, his minister mother, the Rev Beverly Stone, told me: "I'd give my soul to know, because I've lost my son now and I would love to have something of his to live on in those boys."Obviously, I knew all about the rumours, but as close as we were, the subject of whether he was the boys' father was strictly taboo as far as Randy was concerned. "He was their godfather and would always move into Jodie's house and take care of them when she was away filming. She gave the eulogy at his funeral and called him her best friend - but neither of them would ever say anything about the boys.

However, Miss Foster has steadfastly refused to name the man, even to her oldest friends.

They are followed by two women, dressed casually in matching jeans, T-shirts and oversized sunglasses.

This boisterous group's arrival is enough to distract the chi-chi clientele from their weekend papers and soya milk lattes, not least because as the boys begin barking out their breakfast orders, they address one of the women as "Mommy" and the other as "Ma".

The 51-year-old was casually dressed for her chores in sensible black ankle boots, black skinny jeans and a grey zip-up jumper over a light grey T-shirt as she unpacked a chair from the back of her SUV.

The Oscar winner paid tribute to her ex during her acceptance speech for the Cecile B.

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