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The resulting graph, stretching over eight minutes and 59 seconds of activity, records the effects of different positions and climax.The monitor recorded an average of 109 beats per minute (bpm), which is in the “fat burning range”, peaking during at 123bpm the woman’s first orgasm.The scene-setting opening track ‘The Institution’ chronicles a day and night on the wards, an environment in which for all its clockwork monotony staff have to be on permanent watch (“Staff nurse counts the cutlery/Makes another pot of tea”) and several of the female inhabitants have spent their entire adult lives (“They tell you crazy stories about a missing child/The punishment in those days was to throw away the key”).On ‘The Saviour of Challenging Behaviour’ a psychologist falls foul of his hospital managers with his radical ideas for change and becomes “a dead man walking”.The subject matter, then, is very serious, but Peculiar’s talents lie in widening the context; this results in songs as intelligent, wise and witty (and sad) as The Wednesday Club, The Savior of Challenging Behaviour, and Waiting Games.SILVER MEADOWS [Fables from the Institution] May 2016 Perceptive and insightful visit to the “Institution” 9/10 “Concept album” These words often make me shudder, hesitate and proceed with great caution.Noveltysin, who described herself as a “fit lady” with a resting heart rate of 60bpm, said her heartbeat was slower than during exercise at the gym. I'm happy.” Much of the response seems to have been positive but the woman said a “bunch of strange dudes” had questioned her orgasm, which came before her boyfriend’s.The graph has so far been viewed more than 1.7 million times on Imgur, starting a lengthy analysis in the comments below.“Everyone focuses on the time,” noveltysin wrote on Reddit. Several people pledged to carry out the experiment themselves with their partners and post the findings online.

Macho guys may well scoff but reconstructed males will find much to identify with as Mr Wilkes explores the perils and guilty pleasures of voyeurism and fetishism. Gain your attention gently, tease you into taking note.

Vinny’s talent not only lies with his intelligent and affecting lyrics, but he is musically a master of the complete song.

We have upbeat and downbeat, a tender piano piece, touching guitar tunes and a couple of ones that you just can’t help singing along to.

‘Silver Meadows’ is an astonishingly powerful record, one of both musical and lyrical contrasts, and which captures with both humour and poignancy both the monotony and horror of being in a mental institution.

It is an enthralling album and a remarkable achievement.

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According to the NHS, both women and men’s heart rate increases towards orgasm as breathing gets quicker and heavier.

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