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In comparison, the Am Ex prepaid doesn’t stack up at all well.What’s more, the card can only be used where American Express is accepted.

Here’s a hypothetical breakdown of the cost of the Am Ex prepaid card, the Capital One Prepaid Master Card, the popular Walmart Money Card, and the Rush Card, which is currently under investigation by Florida's attorney general.

Our favorite checking account comes from Perk Street Financial, an online-only bank that refunds all ATM fees and gives 2% rewards on all purchases if your balance is over ,000 (1% otherwise).

There are no monthly fees, and no minimum balance requirements, so even those who don’t have high balances will receive free checking.

We wrote last week about American Express’ new prepaid debit card, which is being billed as a low-fee, easy-to-understand alternative to the cluttered (and frankly shady) prepaid debit market.

We agreed, to an extent: most prepaid cards charge for everything under the sun, including withdrawals, purchases, and balance inquiries.

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We assume that the user withdraws money from an ATM twice a month; loads the card with $200 twice a month via direct deposit, for a total of $400; and avoids all other fees.

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