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We even compared it favorably to some checking accounts. Outside of ATM fees, the American Express card has only one fee to worry about, and that fee renders the card essentially irrelevant: the cost of reloading with cash.

If you want to reload through an Am Ex credit card or through a checking account, there’s no charge.

An American Express spokeswoman told us that Am Ex is working on setting up a direct deposit system, which would allow users to reload for free, but for the moment, the only way to avoid opening a checking account is to pay Green Dot .95 per reload.

If the Am Ex card is supposed to be a "fee-free" alternative for the unbanked, it falls short of its goal.Help remind these Cardmembers of your business, wherever they are, whenever they feel like buying, with our complimentary marketing tools.All users of our online services subject to Privacy Statement and agree to be bound by Terms of Service. Our favorite checking account comes from Perk Street Financial, an online-only bank that refunds all ATM fees and gives 2% rewards on all purchases if your balance is over ,000 (1% otherwise).There are no monthly fees, and no minimum balance requirements, so even those who don’t have high balances will receive free checking.

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