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In American film specifically this is probably related to the period way back when when See also Evil Tastes Good, Evil Is Cool, and Evil Is Easy. Contrast Evil Makes You Ugly and Heroic Seductress.

Often a consequence of Power Is Sexy, since Mooks aren't that attractive. Both a cause of and a result of Jerkass Dissonance.

This is mostly applied to female villains, although attractive male villains are becoming more common, especially in series geared toward a female audience.

This character's almost guaranteed to garner loads of entirely undeserved sympathy from fans (especially if male), but is so ingrained in certain cultures that it's not going away any time soon.

Give us yoga pants, or give us death — that's our motto.

Sure, thong bikinis are ideal, but there's just something magical about the perfect outline of a woman's bottom through her workout pants....

And they're not afraid to use their beauty, wiles, and sex appeal to seduce the hero and carry out their nefarious plans.With the holidays right around the corner, we know it can be hard to focus during these last few days of work.Instead of paying attention to your boss, why not go with a more pleasant distraction? Summer 2017 may have officially ended nearly six months ago, but that doesn't mean that we still can't celebrate it, right?!If you ask the girls that working in the bars in Thailand many of them they will tell you that are Khner.The best places to find Cambodian girls in Cambodia is Phnom Penh, Sihanouk Village and Siem Reap.

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