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It is also possible that the Ynysmedw pottery may also have made limited quantities of it, as new evidence emerges about this little known pottery in the Swansea Valley.

The people of Wales, that is the working class, preferred the name of Swansea Cottage, and this term is still used today to describe Gaudy Welsh throughout the Principality, especially by the older generations of Welsh people.

As you can see the whole set is very colourful and rich.

There is no damage at all.c1860 -- £55 for the lot.

Lovely little cream jug, made in Staffordshire in c1830-40. The photo doesn't do justice at all,as it is delightful in the hand,with gleaming colours and a bold design.

Measures about 5.5 inches tall and is in good original condition.

It was made under the ownership period of Lewis Llewellyn Dillwyn.

Made in the famous Cambrian pottery and is illustrated in Morton Nance's book of Swansea and Nantgarw plate LXXVII/opposite page 175. There is no damage or restoration of this we guarantee.

The condition is excellent with no cracks or chips. Gaudy Welsh is a phrase coined by the Americans,also the pattern names ~~ but we still refer,in the Welsh principality, to all older items as "Swansea Cottage",the preferred name by older Welsh families.. Lovely Swansea Cottage Teapot,c1840's in a very old antique style.

This is a large elegant tall pot and the unusual design is pleasing to the eye.

The teapot body is in very good condition,with no damage at all --the lid has had a slither chip to the under edge put back,and is only noticeable if you look close.

The condition is excellent,with the most beautiful applied Pink Lustre,not rubbed at all. Lovely Swansea Cottage covered sugar bowl in the Tulip pattern that was always called Swansea Cottage in Wales.

It dates from c1840's and is in very good condition.

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