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After meditation, I found myself feeling even more deeply the sadness that humanity can bring with it and I found myself crying those tears that come when we feel exposed and, well, vulnerable. Personal Focus: It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

So here is my dream dictionary term for Crying from Dream Sight coming from Llewellyn Press in February 2011. In the spirit of that saying, crying washes the windows of our souls.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulator says that around 5,500 financial firms in the UK currently have EU passporting rights and the British Bankers Association says UK financial firms exported over £20bn of services in 2014.

The has reported that some in the City estimate that as much as 20 per cent of UK-based firms’ investment and capital markets revenue (around £9bn) could be disrupted if the UK loses the EU passport.

The more acutely you can feel the physicality of crying upon waking, the closer to consciousness the wound is.

The level of disconsolation you feel may give you an idea of the intensity of the hurt you are cleansing.

When it became clear that Theresa May was not going to try to keep the UK as an effective member of the single market after Brexit it was obvious that the passport would ultimately go.

If you are crying in a dream, then you are likely in some sort of mourning or expression of grief.

A separate report for The City UK lobby group, compiled by the consultancy Oliver Wyman last year, was more alarming.

Assuming the loss of the passport and zero regulatory equivalence after Brexit, it estimated that UK finance firms could shed 35,000 finance jobs.

Crying Universal Landscape: Emotional expression and cleansing. It cleans and lubricates them so they can see more clearly and easily.

Dreaming Lens: Were you crying in the dream or were you watching someone cry? Water represents emotion and tears are the fluid expression of our deepest emotions as squeezed out by the body.

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