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We in citizen journalism -- and, if we're smart, in professional journalism -- can focus the energy and knowledge of regular folks, and especially their willingness to do some small amount of legwork to help feed a larger whole, on all kinds of things.

Suppose, for example, that we assemble a nationwide group of volunteers -- lawyers who are familiar with statutes -- and ask each of them to take a small section of one of those immense congressional bills that the members of Congress don't even read themselves.

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(Here's here e Week story on the subject.) I think of distributed journalism as somewhat analogous to any project or problem that can be broken up into little pieces, where lots of people can work in parallel on small parts of the bigger question and collectively -- and relatively quickly -- bring to bear lots of individual knowledge and/or energy to the matter. The important thing is the parallel activity by large numbers of people, in service of something that would be difficult if not impossible for any one or small group of them to do alone, at least in a timely way. The same kind of thing is done all the time by major publications with their own staffers on big stories.One person may write the piece, but a collection of many, many reporters does the legwork. Bulletin boards have done some of this kind of thing, though not in a particularly easy-to-use way, by aggregating lots of data about specific issues, people, companies, whatever.The collection of knowledge often is greater than the sum of its parts if you somehow learn something valuable.You can view more of the random live free cams from chaturbate by clicking in the window below and then hit ctrl x.Today recently reported a study where researchers tissues, free hat sex saturating them online video chat with sexy girls with this oat bran, high-fiber foods, fish, omega-3 fatty acids, nuts online sex video chat and avocados.

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