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AND THEN you have the ones who dont give a rats behind about color, they just happen to meet a guy that they like.PS-I speak from experience and from asking questions, because I found it quite weird that I actually met a few white girls that would say they ONLY date black guys and I just found that kind of weird for someone to say.I don't date interracially, so therefore I would not condone that type of behavior.So how do you feel about interracial dating, and what is your race?Thats just something thats been apart of the white-men culture for a very long time here in America. when the White-man was so prejuduce against black people in there highschools? The reason is White-men have long been the far superior commanders even though what they did was sometimes wrong for example: White-men use to have african americans, and indians, as slaves because the White-man was in charge in America. I'm not full of myself but I know what my pros and cons are. I wouldnt be soo judgemental they are just people they are like me and you... because hes not mature enough to know and is just still young I would give this guy some time and atleast a chance.. that is some fancy writing there, I am still married to her father which I have been for 23 years I do think some mixicans are cute as well as some black men,asian men etc. You say a bunch of black guys want white girls as trophies. You love who you love and skin color has nothing to do with it. even if they are together for a long time he will know what to do for when he does have a family... well I was talking about her mexican boyfriend and you said I am mexican and I work am religious and not full of yourself. And you can't change someone by force, you have to just let her go and make mistakes. Its never about the color or religion of the man all that really matters is that he treets your daughter right and makes her happy.Our culture has a strong past of white-men being the heavily ones in command of everything but now things are different people have there own rights, freedoms, styles, and even there own beliefs. If you have a hateful and unruling heart only set out for sticking to the most racial views then its going to get you no where in life. I'm sorry for my sarcasm but many people don't even KNOW why they're prejudice... well ask her why she's with him, and I'm sure she will give you some reasons that you should understand if you have ever been in love or with someone. it doesn't mean I would date them, my husband thinks halley berry is a beautiful black woman and I agree.which I do know that she is of mixed race but she is living as a black because there are people of different races that I find attractive in one sense or another doesn't mean I would date them .,and if you knew how bad things got and how hurt we were when the first time we found out she dated a black guy you wouldn't be so assuming of where I stand,and besides her boyfriend is porta rican or how ever you spell it. maybe I was just thinking that is the kind of guy I want her to be with someone kind respectful hardworking and then it is not my choice but as a mother you always want the best for your child and for someone to love them as much as you do. I think that is just a stupid saying that someone made up, that some people say once in a while to joke about or maybe some people truly think that, it depends on who you are attracted to and what you like about people. If your daughters happy dont question why just b happy 4 her.Who knows why your daughter prefers black and mexican men.

I prefer Mexican or black, or anything but white guys most of the time and im white! He doesn't sound like a winner but to be fair, I really don't think most of us knew exactly what we wanted in life at 20.most people when the date out of their race dont see the color of the persons skin but they see the persons heart.I date a black boy and never once thought about his skin color or anything like that I fell in love with him without think twice about the race he was.A trooper noticed (White) Rockford Police Officer Among 2 Dead After Traffic Stop A Rockford police officer was one of two people who died after a traffic stop led to a crash and apparent shooting early Sunday, authorities they stood outside her home in Boston, Massachusetts, on Saturday night.Garside, a masters student, had already been turned down by another car whose driver canceled the trip after calling her and failing to understand her because he did not speak English, she said.

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