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Grams of protein: 8g per cup (in the pod) Tip: Opt for the pre-cooked frozen versions that are still in the pod (like you get with sushi).Put a handful or two in a resealable bag, toss in your briefcase, and it’ll be thawed and ready to eat by snack-time.Protein: A Guide to Maximum Muscle 0% Plain Greek Yogurt Why we chose it: Versatility.We use this stuff in place of sour cream, to thicken soups, in smoothies, on bagels with lox.It’s also a different texture than yogurt, so it gives variety in its uses.Grams of protein: 21 grams of protein per 6 ounces (vs. Tip: Top 1% cottage cheese with a sliced banana and sliced almonds for a work-friendly snack that doesn’t come from a vending machine.It includes 75 all new recipes based on foods that are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, high in prebiotics/probiotics, high in fiber, and supportive of the body's acid-alkaline balance.Whole foods grown locally and made at home equal whole body fitness.

Top 12 Protein-filled Foods for Your Physique Grass-fed Beef Why we chose it: It’s obvious that beef is packed with protein, but grass-fed beef has the extra bonus of having a healthier fat profile than corn-fed beef (Read: less of the bad cholesterol raising types of saturated fat and more unsaturated fats like heart healthy omega 3s, and conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs, which may help boost muscle and decrease body fat.) Grams of protein: 28g per 4 ounce serving Tip: Many restaurants and grocers are now offering grass-fed beef, but if you can’t find it near you, try this great company online called U. Protein Power: 7 Ways to Eat Lean Ground Beef Shrimp Why we chose it: Convenience and nutrition — it takes about 10 minutes to get from frozen shrimp to a delicious meal.

Greek Yogurt Snack Ideas 1% Cottage Cheese Why we chose it: Since protein helps prevent spikes and crashes in blood sugar.

It’s a VIP at snack-time—it is a much higher source of protein than regular style yogurt.

Complete with informative sidebars, tips, and tricks to help increase heart rate and physical activity during the cooking process.

This book offers exactly what dieters need to cook their butts off!

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That's right—for the first time, Rocco turns dinnertime into workout time, showing how to burn calories automatically in the kitchen.

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