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“Adrian and I were feeling pressure about money,” says Christy. “We still had date nights and did things as a family.I never dreamed he would betray me.”After reading and rereading that e-mail, Christy called her husband at work. “Adrian was defensive at first, said it never happened, and even hung up on me,” she remembers.With her right leg pinned between the dashboard and the front seat, Nettie drifted in and out of consciousness for almost an hour before firefighters rescued her.In the emergency room, convinced that she was going to die, Nettie asked a nurse to pen a good-bye letter to her 13-year-old son, Dominic.“But a minute later he called back, crying, admitted it was true, and begged me to forgive him.”The story unfolded: Adrian and a customer had flirted.

The last straw came the day before Thanksgiving, when her boss announced that Nettie was being let go.“I was so depressed.’ And to get closure, I needed to know every last detail of the affair.It was extremely painful for Adrian to answer my questions, but he did so with humility,” she says.“Forgiving him was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” says Christy, “but his honesty made it easier.” So did the fact that Adrian confided his wrongdoing to two friends from their church.“There were many times I asked him, ‘How could you live with yourself?How could you look me in the eye and lie for months?

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“I told him how proud I was of him,” she says, “and how sad I was to leave him.”Her injuries were extensive, requiring 10 hours of emergency surgery: Her spleen, her appendix, and two-thirds of her colon and upper intestine had to be removed.

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