Who is audrina patridge dating in 2016

And, let’s not forget that infamous hookup between Jenner and Conrad’s childhood friend, Jen Bunney.

Heidi Montag: I think people knew the depth of love we had right away. We’re soul mates, and whatever we were doing on-camera wasn’t anything compared to how much we truly loved each other off-camera.

The recipient, of course, was Lauren Conrad, then a wide-eyed twentysomething who had recently fled the Laguna Beach, Calif., bubble where she was raised—and prominently featured on MTV’s On May 31, 2006—10 years ago this month—The Hills premiered, attracting millions of viewers each week with its tear-filled cat fights and epic disses (“He’s a sucky person! For those who harbored dreams of working at a glossy magazine, it also offered a rare inside look at an industry that was once closely guarded from the public, years before apps like Instagram and Snapchat came along and democratized everything.

The show revolved around Conrad, the Carrie Bradshaw-esque central character, and her life in the City of Angels as a part-time student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), intern at Teen Vogue and, later, PR firm People’s Revolution.

Some of The Hills’ most standout courtships were Montag and Pratt; Patridge and Brescia; Jenner and Conrad; then Jenner and Kristin Cavallari (for a second go-round).It was meant to be very aspirational for young girls who dream of working in fashion.Lauren Conrad: I initially signed on because I wanted the paycheck.It seemed like the perfect opportunity to follow her on the next stage of her journey.I wanted to make a reality TV Melrose Place, where characters deal with work and relationships in a new city.

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Fashion industry fixtures Cutrone and Vogue’s Lisa Love starred as Conrad and Port’s bosses.

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