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Leanne (Jane Danson) has been away visiting her mum Stella ever since her traumatic involvement in Michelle Connor's stalker ordeal.

Fortunately, Leanne seems to be back on top form next week when she arrives back at The Rovers and catches up with her sisters Toyah and Eva.

When Leanne returns, she decides that she wants some love back in her life and arranges an internet date.

Sadly for Leanne, her experiment with online dating leads to some disastrous meetings and no-shows, but could her luck change when she meets Toyah's handsome new B&B guest Chris?

He is the father of Bernice and Nicola King and the first husband of Diane Sugden.

Rodney loves the finer things in life, particularly women and antiques.

in our midst" - said NFL players who took a knee were "sons of Justice, taking their place in the river of resistance that has brought us thus far on our way." Some critics have argued that their issue with NFL players taking a knee is not so much the act of kneeling alone but doing so during the national anthem.

To do so, they say, is a form of disrespect against the country, the flag and those who fought for its freedoms.

Rodney Blackstock Rodney Blackstock first appeared on Emmerdale in 2000.

#Take AKnee pic.twitter.com/E23o M1ZW6X — The King Center (@The King Center) September 23, 2017Despite - or perhaps encouraged by - a statement from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell calling Trump's remarks "divisive" and disrespectful, the president continued doubling down on his comments the following day. What followed was a slew of people pointing out that kneeling had long been used as a form of nonviolent protest.

(He also incurred the wrath of many in the NBA after snubbing Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry on Twitter.) "Roger Goodell of NFL just put out a statement trying to justify the total disrespect certain players show to our country. Eric Holder, who was attorney general under President Barack Obama, noted in a message directed to Trump - using the same photo of King at Selma - that the practice was "not without precedent." "Those who dared protest have helped bring about positive change," Holder tweeted. William Barber - a North Carolina preacher once called "the closest person we have to Martin Luther King Jr.

We can discuss the method so long as there's no antagonism," Harry Edwards, a civil rights activist professor emeritus of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley, said at a Harvard forum earlier this month. "That same poll found that 57 percent of Americans felt the 'Freedom buses,' sit-ins at lunch counters and 'other demonstrations' by African-Americans would hurt their chances of being integrated in the South. Just before the 1963 march, Gallup asked a nationally representative sample of adults how they felt about the coming event.

"But it can't be about Ray Lewis versus Kaepernick, about Michael Vick versus Kaepernick. Just 28 percent of Americans said these actions would help. Less than a quarter of Americans said they held favorable opinions." Bernice King confirmed as much in follow-up tweets Sunday.

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