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Spencer Pratt seems to have forgotten that, because -- on top of bashing Lauren Conrad and then asking why she doesn't want to work with him -- he said some truly unacceptable things about Caitlyn Jenner.

You know, the recent Spencer Pratt has been relatively well-behaved.

The return of Peaky Blinders was a cause for celebration - albeit more for us than the gang themselves.

Episode one of the new series started badly for Thomas Shelby and co.

Steven Knight had been as ruthless as the Mafia hitmen that shot John and Michael. The Shelbys’ knack of always ‘finding a way’ to survive all their various scrapes and scraps and every kind seemingly impossible situation had become predictable and too convenient.

We need to be together in a place even they won’t come.’This, of course, meant they were going home – to Small Heath and to ‘The Garrison.’‘Anyone who wants to live to see next Christmas needs to realise: these bastards kill kids as well.

When this business is finished we can go our separate ways again.’He didn’t realise Changretta already had an assassin working in his home, in the kitchen as a sous chef. Oceans of blood and another body (Antonio’s) soon joined the geese and deer the head chef had preparing/draining for Tommy’s Christmas dinner.

The morning of the 25th saw Michael going to John’s to collect him for the urgent family meeting Tommy had called, proposing their evacuation back to Small Heath.‘This is the Sicilian mafia we’re talking about !

’ Michael urged him.‘We’re the Peaky f**king Blinders ! Seconds later they were both mown down in a hail of bullets – shot down by hitmen springing from the cover of some hay carts: a perfect Al Capone-style ambush.

This was another side of the Shelbys now: the hunters were the hunted. Judging by this superb episode, it should be some contest.

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