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” “Guys, as if I would indirect someone on twitter. Please improve this biographical article by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

Sorry people who have no idea what this is about,” Dodie tweeted in response to fans. “I hung out with a friend from high school, who I haven’t seen in a while.” He asked her what his old high school friends were up to.

The fact that he responded is statement enough to his sexuality at the time. He was asked if he identified as homosexual; (the original post he replied to has been deleted).

Notice he doesn’t reply “I’m straight", he simply replies with a “I like vagina,“ which is true for bisexual men: While we have no recent and Have a question?

In Australia, a campaign against same-sex marriage just kicked off.

Today, a skywriter wrote “Vote No” in the skies above Sydney to protest against gay people getting married. Anti-gay television ads are also starting to run in Australia in an attempt to “defeat the upcoming same-sex marriage proposal” which will be voted on in a few weeks.

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