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D’Banj is wildly popular in Nigeria and perhaps they have been keeping their relationship on the down low to avoid upsetting his fans.Yes, I know I am giving Kenya a lot of leeway lately, but she deserves a second look in my opinion.Anyway, I have spent TWO DAYS trying to find a post that I know existed but no longer does.Perhaps it was lost somehow when I moved from Blogger to Word Press?

In fact, D’Banj’s lyrics are the source of the slang terms “Koko” and “Kokolette” loosely referring to a woman who is good in bed.Still, the Nigerians on my blog were chastising me telling me that just because two people are at an event, doesn’t mean they are dating.Kenya posted the picture of the two of them on her Instagram with the caption “My African Prince.” And at some point, that blog completely disappeared.I admit when I am wrong and I could have been way off base with her the last season.So Kenya Moore appears to have been in a relationship with D’Banj for at least a year. On the other hand, they only see each other a few times a year.

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